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User:Twilight Esker

From Potabi Technological Developments


  • Establish responsive skin. Even Modern Vector will do. Longer term there is a decision; comply with the main site in styling, or offer a simple but independent layout.
  • Integrate Potabi colors to reduce the 'bland wikipedia' impression. Best done in accordance with partial completion of ^


  • Category tree including top level.
  • Categories should resemble the desired content layout. Likely this will mean a near immediate split between superfluous content (ie, Google) and official (release notes of given versions, usage guides...). This tree should be distinct, yet simple. A top level houses categories and essential pages (such as perhaps the main page); sublevels house top content pages of certain types and other associated categories (ie, a template divider, official content, the less essential content...) and required divisions are made from there (ie, infoboxes vs housekeeping templates).


  • Community meta will invariably need to be addressed. Currently concentrated on discord, where likely discussion will take place. However, I intend to retrofit the main page's talk page to be the interim hub of on-wiki organization. My talk page is available for messaging.
  • I'm honestly more competent at addressing meta than cranking out pages, but I will likely attempt the latter. Probably trying to do so in a topical capacity, since as you see above I consider certain types of page to be superfluous to the scope of content. Not off topic, but superfluous.
  • I would suggest setting the main page to 'Welcome' to slightly lift its technical air and enable further improvements down the road. This can be done by setting the main page in the MediaWiki:Mainpage area, then redirecting the old main page link to it.


My personal preference.

  • Reviewing special pages.
  • Cleaning and integrating new meta content into existing pages.
  • Attempting to be proactive in structural design. Content pages are great, but not if they run off the rails with few seams to keep them together.