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(Fleshed out basic information. Also introduced the red links to offer reference for what still needs to be made and enable simpler page creation. Please feel free to edit the opening blurbs if my gist of the Foundation is incorrect. I may also suggest setting this page to autoconfirmed access so established editors (and there are a few now) may be authorized to edit instead, preventing arbitrary edits from possible spam.)
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We need these pages to be created and filled (For wiki maintainers):
[[ NetBSD ]](Started), [[OpenBSD]], [[FreeBSD]], [[Illumos]], [[Fuchsia]], [[Google]], [[Microsoft]], [[NetBSD Foundation]], [[OpenBSD Foundation]], [[HardenedBSD]], [[DragonflyBSD]], [[Potabi Systems]], [[KISPM]], [[LiSoSy]], [[Linux]], [[APT (Package Manager)]], [[RPM (Package Manager)]], [[DNF (Package Manager)]], [[Alt (Package Manager)]], [[PKG (Package Manager)]], [[The Quarterly]], [[Blogger]], [[CoreNGS]], [[NGS Operating Systems]], and more.
[[Category:Potabi Foundation]]
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