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Potabi Systems B5-1.0A Release

From Potabi Foundation
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This release is a beta release, and is not recommended for
production use. It is also before the creation of CoreNGS,
and is still FreeBSD at its core. This changes in later

Potabi Systems - DESKTOP EDITION - Beta-3 1.0A Release
Code Name Luna
Release Date TBA
Download Link TBA


  • Added GBI and PC-SYSINSTALL from GhostBSD
  • Rebranding of the GBI graphical tool

This release is NOT production ready



This is beta software that isn't designed for common use beyond basic testing.

No automatic login system is added, on boot you will be greeted with a login prompt saying "Potabi Live User", please simply click "Log In" and it will login to a MATE session as a non-root user.

To become root user run "su - root"

Use BSDCONFIG and BSDINSTALL commands as root (su - root) in LiveCD to test anything, and install. Sometimes issues will break in a way that don't make sense, and are "unfixable", often solvable with restarting.

While this install guide is not good, we will be working on proper installation steps, for now, there is this:



  • Open terminal
  • Login as root
  • Run "bsdconfig" and use arrow keys down to "Network Management" & hit enter
  • Go down to option 2, Network Interfaces & hit enter
  • Enable DHCP & save/exit
  • Exit bsdconfig


  • Run the Potabi-Install tool, or run "gbi" in terminal to get an install running.
  • More coming when the release is actually complete.

This release we still have not updated the installation systems, meaning they still install FreeBSD. We advice not installing for a proper Potabi system, as it will not function as intended. Just to reiterate, this is HIGHLY unstable software, expect breakages and major errors.

Known Bugs[edit]

  • Installation of Potabi through BSDInstall just installs a normal FreeBSD 13.0 System
  • BSDCONFIG might break when modifying network interfaces, disabling DHCP and never allowing it back on. This is currently only fixable by restarting the live system
  • Ayras Desktop conflicts massively with Lumina, but we have no reason to expect this to be too big of an issue.