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From Potabi Technological Developments
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| source model = Open Source
| source model = Open Source
| released = {{Start date and age|df=yes|2021|10|06}}
| released = {{Start date and age|df=yes|2021|10|06}}
| latest release version = Beta 1.0A
| latest release version = Beta-2 1.0A
| latest release date = {{Start date and age|df=yes|2021|10|06}} <!-- Start date and age works, so just use it -->
| latest release date = {{Start date and age|df=yes|2021|10|22}} <!-- Start date and age works, so just use it -->
| repo = {{URL|}}
| repo = {{URL|}}
| package manager = pkg / [[package]]
| package manager = pkg / [[package]]

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Potabi Systems (Potabi)
DeveloperThe Potabi Foundation
OS familyUNIX-like
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen Source
Initial release6 October 2021; 11 months ago (2021-10-06)
Latest releaseBeta-2 1.0A / 22 October 2021; 11 months ago (2021-10-22)
Package managerpkg / package
Platformsx86 (x86-32 and x86-64)
Kernel typeMonolithic
user interface
LicenseBSD 2-Clause (Simplified)