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Welcome to The Potabi Foundation!

The Potabi Foundation is a non-profit foundation registered in Colorado Springs, CO. It develops operating systems split between desktop, server and mobile. It is an open-source fork of Unix inspired by (and intended to surpass) the BSD line of systems (though it is not BSD). It seeks to offer the benefits of a linux-style system, without the viral licensing and mixed relationship with proprietary software.

This wiki offers release information, guides and knowledge for system use, and an assortment of pages to help a new user's understanding of where the Foundation is from and the wider market.

Social Media

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@PotabiSystems Potabi Foundation

Also see the main site for more including the current FAQ, press information and blog.

Pages Needed

We need these pages to be created and filled (For wiki maintainers): NetBSD (Started), OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Illumos, Fuchsia, Google, Microsoft, NetBSD Foundation, OpenBSD Foundation, HardenedBSD, DragonflyBSD, Potabi Systems, KISPM, LiSoSy, Linux, APT (Package Manager), RPM (Package Manager), DNF (Package Manager), Alt (Package Manager), PKG (Package Manager), The Quarterly, Blogger, CoreNGS, NGS Operating Systems, and more.